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IMEI Registry and Mobile Standardization

In aim of enhancing ICT infrastructure in underdeveloped nations, one of Serta’s subsidiaries ALDCOM CONGO SA has recently been awarded the IMEI Registry and Mobile Standardization project from the “Autorité de Régulation des Postes et Télecommunications” ARPTC, the Telecommunications Regulator in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The ARPTC has appointed ALDCOM to design and deploy a solution for the IMEI Registry numbers and Mobile Standardization of stolen, cloned, fake and malfunctioning devices. Setting up the IMEI Registry and Mobile Standardization solution will allow the Regulator and Operators in DRC to have more control over mobile network terminals and their subscriber database, allowing them to identify and block fake and stolen devices.

Serta Launches With Airbus A Certified Tetra Handset Repair Center

Encouraged by the growing Tetra (terrestrial trunked radio) secure communications market in Lebanon, Airbus Defence and Space and its local value-added reseller Serta, an RGH subsidiary, have decided to build a certified Tetra terminal repair center in Beirut. This step is in line with the Lebanese Ministry of Interior’s decision to award Airbus Defence and Space and its partner Serta a contract for a digital Tetra radio communication system for the country’s security forces (General Directorate of General Security – GDGS) early this year. The proximity of the repair center will provide the GDGS’s Tetra terminal users with instant maintenance and repair services.

Serta Channels Diploma

Serta Channels was granted in Barcelona a diploma for their rapid deployment and quick win in 2014 in Lebanon.

Serta Telecom Selects BridgeWave Microwave Systems

Serta Telecom has designated BridgeWave Etherflex microwave systems for the new Tetra network supporting intelligence services of the General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) in Lebanon.

Serta And Airbus DS To Build Tetra Radio System For Lebanese Security Forces

Serta Channels and Airbus DS have been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Interior of Lebanon for a Terrestrial Trunked Radio (Tetra) communication system for the country’s General Directorate of General Security (GDGS).
The contract includes the delivery of Tetra switches, base stations, dispatcher workstations and more than 2,000 radio terminals. The Tetra network will replace the existing analogue networks and will be made available to more than 3,000 subscribers of the government intelligence services.