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RGH Holding

RGH is a dynamic investment group with a broad portfolio of businesses that capitalize on technology and calculated risk for value creation. RGH operates across the sectors of security printing, biometric identification, smart card manufacturing, international gateway management, elections supply chain, lottery operations and gaming, mobile Value Added Services and applications, telecom infrastructure & managed services, cyber security, secure communications and others. The Group has earned the trust of governments and top tier companies in telecom and banking in over 50 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe

Our Sister Companies

Security Printing Services
Established in 1973, Inkript Industries is a renowned international provider of security printing documents and smartcards to governments, telecom operators and financial institutions. Main markets include the Middle East, Africa, Europe and West Asia.


Identification Solutions Provider
Inkript Technologies is an established identification solutions provider with in-house R&D, customized hardware and partnerships with global providers. This division’s comprehensive electronic and biometric identification center targets government institutions in the MEA region.


Mobile Applications Development
InMobiles is an established mobile Value Added Services (VAS) company catering to telecom operators in the Middle East and Africa. The company is renowned for its innovative platforms that connect telecom operators to businesses and individual subscribers.


Software and Care Services UA
Ersal is a UAE based subsidiary of Serta Holding. In 2012, Ersal entered into a Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement with Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) to resell the NSN entire portfolio for Telecom and Enterprise sectors including software and care services in specific countries.


Telecommunication Services in Congo
Ridley is a subsidiary of Serta Holding based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2014, the company signed a 10-year concession with the Congolese Company for Posts and Telecommunications (SCPT) to run the International Gateway and Fiber Deployment in Katanga Province in DRC.


Mobile Solutions Services in Dubai
Inswitches is a UAE based company established in 2014. The company developed an in-house solution to standardize the mobile phone market and eliminate counterfeit. All imported phones will be subject to registration on a central database against a registration fee in order to allow the handsets to function on the local networks.


Lottery and Gaming Operator
Intersektion was established in 2010 as a lottery and gaming operator. In 2011, the company established its first operation in Chad, using a leading European system. In 2012, Intersektion capitalized on RGH’s technical R&D capabilities to build its own in-house system for lottery & gaming under the brand “Intragate Studios”.


Lottery and Betting System Provider
Intragate was established in 2012 as a lottery and betting system provider.The in-house system connects over multiple platforms including SMS, GPRS and offline, and is designed for rough environments with unstable network communications.


Mobile Games Makers
Game Cooks was established in December 2011 with the purpose of developing mobile games catering to international audience. The team acquired experience and skills that enabled the company to create and release products of international standards.


Community Application
Numberbook is a community application for number and name search. It allows users to connect with people or to request profile information. It helps them connect with friends and family through social integration and number linking options.