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Governmental Solutions

TETRA / eLTE Secure Communication Networks

Security agencies require secure and reliable mission-critical communications to safeguard their personnel and the public they serve, as well as to access and share mission-related information and awareness among other government agencies. Officers need to be confident that their communications are completely safe and reliable especially in emergency situations.


TETRA Networks provide the most advanced encryption solutions such as authentication and air interface end-to-end encryption. Serta is a certified Airbus DS Value Added Reseller and Integrator on all TETRA Products with expertise and knowhow in offering a complete full turnkey solution including design and engineering, Implementation and after sales support.


With the rising demand for high-speed and secure data communication systems such as high definition surveillance and real-time access videos and images, we offer a seamless integration of LTE technologies and applications to the TETRA networks, in close collaboration with our partners at Airbus DS TETRA Communication networks and terminals.

Monitoring Solutions

Serta provides Security Law Enforcement Agencies, Governments and Military Intelligence with solutions able to capture, record, analyze, and decode data coming from various targets including mobile and fixed terminals, internet access (wired or wireless) and mobile tactical solutions for special-ops.

Border Control

As a Systems Design Integrator in alliance with various partners, Serta offers comprehensive Ground-Air-Marine solutions for Border and Perimeter Monitoring and Control. Solutions include radars, Smart Fences, infra-red cameras, sensors and scanners complemented by Air Surveillance for areas that are difficult to reach. All systems are integrated and linked to local, regional or National control rooms thorough various telecommunication platforms which Serta provides.


Cyber Security End-to-End Solutions

Cyber-Attacks and Cyber-Crimes are continuously on the rise and pose a big threat to National Security, governments and the private sector alike. With more than 3.6 billion data records being exposed since 2013, the need to protect critical information and subscriber records is paramount. Through cooperation with Airbus DS - Cyber Security Program, Serta is a Systems Integrator providing customers with tools, appliances, consultancy and best practice needed to protect their Information Systems and Data Centers against internal and external cyber-intrusions.